What does Canada have to do with the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), the TV event that Europeans have either loved or hated for the past 5 decades? 

  • Canadian Celine Dion won the competition in 1988, singing Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi for Switzerland.
  • Canadian Annie Cotton placed 3rd in the 1993 Eurovision contest singing Moi Tout Simplement for Switzerland.
  • Canadian Natasha St Pier, born in New Brunswick, came fourth in the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest singing Je n'ai que mon âme for France.
  • Thanks to the international platform provided by the Eurovision Song Contest, many of the acts follow the contest with concert tours that include Canadian concert and festival dates.
  • Beyond performers, other talent, including song-writers and presenters (the 2011 co-host, Anke Engelke was born in Montreal) have Canadian roots.
  • As an associate member of the European Broadcasting Union (the organizers of the Contest), Canada's CBC could broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest, and the programme has been shown in Canada in the past.

Eurovision Canada was launched on March 22, 2012.