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Sweden Decides To Co-Host Eurovision 2013 With Denmark

It may be a first in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. Sweden has generously decided that they would like to share the wealth and soft power generated by the influx of Eurovision fans and media by co-hosting the Eurovision Song Contest with their neighbour Denmark

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Toronto to Eurovision in Stockholm via Zurich & Istanbul

Updated on Friday, April 12, 2013 at 13:43 by Registered CommenterKevin Bourassa & Joe Varnell

Click to enlarge mapWe couldn't resist. After watching Sweden win the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in a Swedish pub in London, we decided we had to go to Stockholm for Eurovision 2013. We had some air points stored up so we went online looking for business class seats from Toronto to Stockholm, assuming a Final on May 18, 2013.

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Eurovision: Where we went right & wrong

Through's first Eurovision Song Contest season, we made predictions, and even laid bets, on outcomes we thought likely to occur. Our opinions evolved after attending Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam, and continued to evolve right up to the semi-finals. So how did we do? We think we got it right, 71% of the time. But you be the judge as we walk through where we got it right and wrong.

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Swedes Celebrate Eurovision Victory In London

This year, for the Eurovision Song Contest, we broke tradition by leaving home, where we normally entertain friends while we watch the show, and going to London, where we found a pub full of Swedes. Strangers in a strange land? Hardly. We met a very friendly, knowledgable crowd who loved Eurovision, and most of all, loved winning! We share our thoughts and photographs from this unique experience.

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Watch The Eurovision Song Contest In Toronto

We have been receiving questions from Canadians asking if we know of anywhere that they can join others in watching the Eurovision Song Contest. Well today we received a Tweet advising us of plans to do just that in Toronto:

@inastral: @Esccanada fyi for those of us in Toronto (and not in Europe!) @thedrakehotel is airing Eurovision tomorrow [Saturday], 2:30pm:

Let us know if you go to the Drake Hotel for the Contest and send us your thoughts on the show. Thanks to @inastral for the info!

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