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Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - Review of the Auto Qualifiers

Welcome to our 5th Eurovision Song Contest season and podcast 51!

We kick off our season with a look at the big six, otherwise known as the automatic qualifiers who go direct to the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest:
France - Amir - J’ai cherché
Germany - Jamie-Lee Kriewitz - Ghost
Italy - Francesca Michielin - No Degree of Separation
Spain - Barei - Say Yay!
Sweden - Frans - If I Were Sorry
UK - Joe and Jake - You're Not Alone
Join Joe Varnell and Slaviša Mijatović as they review the big six!

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Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - Review of Auto Qualifiers

Reader Comments (3)

First podcast - yahoo!!! All songs this year as a whole don't thrill me so the number of maple leaves I am giving out are extremely generous, and yes, I will have some zeroes!

France - I don't get the hype and the love for this. To me, it's average. I agree it's the best from France in a long time and I would gladly invite Amir over to my place. The "youuuuuuuuuuuuu" part grates on me. They have diverged from the "classic France" which is a good thing, but still......I am going to get some flack for this especially since it's a contender for the win. 3 leaves from me.

Germany - I watched the NF and they chose the best song they had, but it's again, not to my liking. Very contemporary , she can sing and I think they need to stage this with just a white dress, nice shoes, no dancers, and a spotlight on the singer. No headpiece!!! I'd be stingy with maple leafs here. Sounds like we agree on this more than with France. 3 leaves.

Italy - I wish Francesca will sing this in Italian only!!! The song is really growing on me, but it didn't grab me at first. I like it better than 3 maple leaves so 4 from me. Sanremo was an experience and a half. Valerio Scanu or Stadio were my favourites but it matters not now.

Spain - Barei is going to have the audience in Globen and around the world dancing like crazy. I love it!!! Fun, funky and catchy and she's got personality galore. I'll give it 4 leaves.

Sweden - oh my! Sweden needs to be sorry for this song! Melfest was subpar and I agree that this song is just as bad as Robin, Anna Bergendahl and Martin with Las Vegas. There is one caveat - many dismissed Kedvesem from Hungary a few years ago and this reminds me of it....but that's about it. Sweden, I love you, but I am sorry - 2 leaves.

UK - Joe we agree. I'm very happy there was a public show and although there were slim pickings to choose from, Joe and Jake are adorable and will greatly appeal to the younger demographic, but I'm afraid that they will be alone....among the bottom feeders of the scoreboard. A huge improvement and I wish them luck. 2 leaves. Slavisa - I LOVE James Fox and still listen to him today!!!

ROFLMAO - tell those Divas in Sweden to stop cat fighting - geez!!! ;-)

April 20, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterAviva

Greetings from Australia and glad to be back at Eurovision Canada.

What a strange Eurovision year - with such a large bunch of so-so songs and no standout. At least not yet.

Some gum leaves:
France: The worry is the live performance. Not all that impressive in the preview shows. One of my favourites though. Tres bon. 4 gum leaves (and throw in a koala).

Germany: A good entry let down by the visuals. I hope Jamie-Lee changes the look. 3 gum leaves (no koala)

Italy: I can hear echoes of Marco Mengoni in this but it lacks his strange personal charisma.I think it will get lost in all the bling. Pity, as I love the Italian language and always want Italy to do well. 3 gum leaves.

Spain: I think this might rock the arena depending on where it is in the running order but personally I am not a fan. I think it's way over- rated and under-powered for what it is trying to do. 2 gum leaves.

Sweden: I thought I might be the only person on the planet who doesn't like this entry. There's 'chill' - which is what I think it's trying to do - and then there's just plain cold. Which is where it leaves me. It's Sweden though so it will power home. Not a winner for me though. 2 gum leaves.

UK: Maybe we should see this as a step in the right direction from the BBC and not worry too much about this particular entry. The boys are charming and the whole package is inoffensive - but that's not really modern Eurovision. The response to Christer Bjorkman's comments on Terry Wogan and the UK attitude to the Contest suggests to me that, in general, the Brits still do not 'get' modern Eurovision. Let's hope the BBC does. Australia, by extension, was Woganised and largely remains so, because SBS took the Wogan coverage here for many years. The Contest is still a hard sell in this country. This entry won't change any of that. 1 gum leaf - and a pat on the back for trying.

April 21, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterGenevieve

I am listening to the songs whilst working on other things, rarely seriously watching the performance.

Really like France, although it didn’t grab me the very first time. 4/5

Germany isn’t too fun, although the singer is trying. 3/5

I was waiting for Italy to start, but nope, tedious all through. I doubt it would survive even on Italian radio, although I’ve never listened. It wouldn’t here in Australia. 2/5

I don’t think I would guess that was Spain. It might be trying to be more interesting, but comes across as a bit bland too. 3/5

Sweden is polished as usual, but fairly boring. I doubt it will do as badly as you guys predict. 3/5

The UK sounds like another cookie-cutter boyband, better when overproduced. I expect live will be much worse. 3/5.

May 13, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterJulian

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