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Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - Review of 1st Semi-Final - Part 1


Welcome to our 5th Eurovision Song Contest season and podcast 53!
We continue our review of entries, with the first six songs that kick-off the 1st semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest: 
Finland - Sandhja - Sing It Away, 
Greece - Argo - Utopian Land, 
Moldova - Lidia Isac - Falling Stars, 
Hungary - Freddie - Pioneer, 
Croatia - Nina Kraljic - Lighthouse, and 
the Netherlands - Douwe Bob - Slow Down.
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Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - Review of 1st Semi-Final - Part 1

Reader Comments (3)

Some more gum leaves:
Finland: I agree that it's a good show opener but that is about all. This goes to the issue of whether the broadcaster is trying to present a good competition or a good television spectacle. For the latter this is fine: but I think this entry will be long forgotten by the end of the Semi. 1 gum leaf

Greece: Some nice ethnic touches but not much more. I think Greece's qualification record is under threat this year. 1 gum leaf.

Moldova: I think this will entirely get lost at the top of this Semi. Safe. Generic. That's probably not enough. 1 gum leaf.

Hungary: At least Freddie will wake us up with his gravelly vocal ( which I actually like). For me he stands out in the top half of this Semi. 3 gum leaves

Croatia: The live performances of this have taken some of the shine off it. It's different enough from.Freddie and Douwe Bob immediately following maybe to stand out. It has charm and some vocal interest but I fear the performance won't do enough to lift it. 2 gum leaves.

The Netherlands: This performer oozed confidence at the Amsterdam event and the song fits him like a glove. Best entry in the first six by far. 4 gum leaves.

I feel a bit mean on looking at these ratings but the opening sequence of this Semi ( and the whole 2016 Contest) has me very underwhelmed. Not sure if a casual viewer would stick with it for long. Let's hope some of these surprise us all with staging or knockout performances.


April 22, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterGenevieve

Thank you for another great podcast guys.

My votes:

Finland: 3/5 - Decent song but when it comes to high energy songs, I find it very generic. You mention Moldova being generic later on but to me Finland is just the same. Very middle of the pack for me.

Greece: 2/5 - Pretty terrible. The lyrics are apparently in Pontic Greek. Not that it makes me care about the song any more. What scares me about this is that it's Greece and they have always qualified so far, and I don't really want it to prevent another better song to being in the final. We will see.

Moldova: 3/5 - I think comparing this one to the other songs Moldova had in their national selection, it's definitely the best they had to pick from, so you can imagine the terrible stuff that was part of their national selection. I agree it's a bit generic but it's not a bad song, I see it the same way as Finland, middle of the pack.

Hungary: 4/5 - I agree mostly everything you guys said here, I am still really upset that they picked this song instead of Gergoh Olah from the Hungarian national selection, his song was much more interesting than this. It's catchy and quite good, but again very generic.

Croatia: 4/5 - Beautiful song, I don't think it's as good as people are banging on about. Ever since it premiered I saw so many people predicting "Zagreb 2017!!!" But I can't see it happening with this. She seems very awkward on stage from the live performances I've seen and I don't really see this helping her, but we'll see. Definitely qualifying but no winner for me.

The Netherlands: 4/5 - I really like this song, it reminds me of their 2014 entry, but not quite as good. I still remember the shock on everyone's face when they reached 2nd place! This probably won't do as well. I even think it could struggle to qualify this year.

April 22, 2016 | Registered CommenterDavid Robichaud

I hope Finland is appreciated by the audience. 4/5

Greek rap is novel, but not ultimately interesting. 2/5

Moldova - I would prefer risk rather than boredom. 2/5

Hungary reminds me of a less fun Aram MP3, replacing dubstep with other annoying sound effects. 3/5.

Croatia is sweet, but likely won’t be as good live. Will be interesting to see the replay on SBS TV this evening. 3/5

Netherlands has a great song, although it doesn’t seem like a fit for Eurovision. 4/5

Italy must have particularly bad mainstream radio then...

May 13, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterJulian

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