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Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - Review of 2nd Semi-Final - Part 2

Welcome to our 5th Eurovision Song Contest season and podcast 57!
We continue our review of entries of the 2nd semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest, with the middle 6 songs of this semi-final:
Ireland - Nicky Byrne - Sunlight
FYR Macedonia - Kaliopi - Dona
Lithuania - Donny Montell - I've Been Waiting for This Night
Australia - Dami Im - Sound of Silence
Slovenia - ManuElla - Blue and Red
Bulgaria - Poli Genova - If Love Was A Crime
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Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - Review of 2nd Semi-Final - Part 2

Reader Comments (7)

Eurovision Canada, I must tell you that you were spot on, with your assessment of Dami im's Eurovision song, "Sound of Silence"! Dami Im, is a phenomenal and enchanting artist, who has a powerhouse voice that allows her to hold her own with any of today's top artists! Dami may not have had the luxury of being covered by the American Media, but by no means, does that make Dami Im less of a singing sensation! Dami has many fans here in America and Canada! Dami Im, is one artist that you definitely want to keep your eyes on! "Sound of Silence" proves that!

April 26, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterJohn Brewton

Thank You Eurovision Canada :-). Ms Dami Im is an awesome singer, with an angelic voice of phenominal power and range :-) I think you made a fantastic choice. I hope you have a really great day :-) Go Dami Im :-)

April 26, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterDan L

Ireland: 3/5 - This is standard pop song, it sounds pretty decent and is pretty radio friendly, but it's also nothing too exciting and Nicky doesn't deliver such amazing live vocals from what I've heard so far. Being in the "easier" semi final could help it, but I think it won't qualify.

FYR Macedonia: 3.5/5 I'm giving this .5 more than the previous song just to show that I like it better. I think it could qualify because it's Kaliopi, she did amazing in 2012. This is not as good as her previous song and I am shocked Joe that you didn't like it. This one really grew on me in the last couple of weeks and she is a great vocalist.

Lithuania: 4/5 - This is a very low 4 for me, I enjoyed the song way more when it was first premiered, I think the chorus has a big winning sound to it, however the more I listen to it, the more I find it's lacking something. He definitely looks like he's been working out since 2012 though, I'll just add that :P

Australia: 4/5 - Again this is a low 4 for me. It's very well produced and Dami sings very well, but there are a few elements about this that really bothers me. It's very repetitive, I don't like the fact she mentions FaceTime, and I actually hate the idea that her heartbeat wakes to the sound of silence... does this mean she's dead? I think you guys are certainly fangirling over it, it's very good one and better than most, definitely will qualify, but it won't win and it's not as good as last year's song from Australia.

Slovenia: 2.5/5 - I like the country vibe, I like that they revamped the song recently to a more pop-country sound. But her Alllaaaaayyyyaayaaaaa is driving me INSANE.

Bulgaria: 4.5/5 - Amazing amazing amazing... hands down the best song Bulgaria has sent (not that it's too difficult to achieve). I am so happy about his one, will definitely qualify. I love that there is Bulgarian in it, and she won't lose the "whiny" thing, it's one of the best thing here!

April 26, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Robichaud

Hello Eurovision Canada eh, your fellow Canadian here eh. I totally agree with you picking Dami Im as your top singer/song. I love her song "Sound Of Silence" and many of her other songs from her 3 albums like Super Love, Gladiator, Smile, Speak Up, etc... I think she has one of the most beautiful and Mesmerizing voice the world has yet to discover. She put so much raw emotions into the song it just captivate you and pull you in and puts you into a trence of euphoria. I just hope her label Sony Music Australia start to promote her here in North America soon because I want to attend her concert because from what I see on YouTube, she is amazing live. Good luck Dami, way to go #DamiArmy, may the force be with you Dami. Hahaha, had to put that in after seeing the last promo video.

April 26, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterTim (Tranamal)

Great Reviews and its good that these guys know what they are talking about.
The "sound of silence is an amazing song and Dami I'm has a great voice. I don't know why people have a problem with face time or being repetitive.
There are many songs that have done very well on the charts that have repetitive verses.
Those that don't like this song because of these little things don't understand Music..."sound of silence" is a very interesting song and very different. I like it very Much and deserves a top mark.
When it is done on the stage it will blow everyone away.

April 27, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterstephen podesta

Deep breath. Australia coming up....

Ireland: I completely agree. Nicky, at Slot 7, has plenty of time to nip over and join the "Soldiers of Love" lineup for Denmark (Slot 13) and no one would notice the difference. His arena experience should help but the song is very lightweight. I'd love Ireland to qualify after the last few years but, in this company, and especially sandwiched between the two Balkan divas, I think he's borderline. 3 gum leaves

FYROM: Star power, friendly voting, and arena experience. Kaliopi would be unlucky not to qualify. 3 gum leaves

Lithuania: Forgettable - and the divas before and after him should be the end of this. 2 gum leaves

Australia: As I can't vote for my own country my opinion is basically irrelevant. All I can say is: look out for the Money Note of the Whole Contest at around 2.31 in the video. Go, Dami! (And thanks for the big wraps.)

Slovenia: We haven't had a costume reveal at Eurovision for a while. If they keep that in the staging it will. at least, be memorable for something. Nice enough but forgettable. And she is immediately after Australia. Too much firepower on either side of her. 1 gum leaf.

Bulgaria: This is fun and Poli sells it well. One reservation: the Bulgarian phrase, sung three times in a row, sounds to my Anglophone ear like "I'm a loser!", not something you'd want to be repeating in a competition. Otherwise, this is a nice shot of energy. 3 gum leaves.

April 27, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterGenevieve

Ireland could be so many other countries to my ear, which is unfortunate. 3/5

FYR Macedoni is too heavy in both the singing and backing. 2/5

Lithuania is mildly annoying as well as uninteresting. 2/5

I thought our Dami’s entry was uninspired at first, but it stands out in the field this year. Well put together and well sung. It is on very high rotation on SBS TV here. 4/5

I have bet big on Russia and Australia after doing really well with Sweden and Australia last year. Expect France to do well too, but found Ukraine poor.

Slovenia is okay. I don’t really pay attention to lyrics. 3/5

Bulgaria is fun. I hear "I'm a luthier." (A builder of stringed instruments) myself. 3/5

May 13, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterJulian

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