Slaviša Mijatović

Originally a native of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slavisa has been living in North America since 2008 (as a sign of protest against Dima Bilan winning) where he was pursuing his studies. He grew up listening to Yugoslav Eurovision hits from the 1980s and early 1990s, such as Dzuli (1983), Ja sam za ples (1987), Hajde da ludujemo (1990) and Brazil (1991).

However, he never knew about Eurovision itself until he accidentally stumbled across it in 2001. Horrified by the Bosnian representative's outfit, but intrigued by the concept of countries promoting their music and competing, he started actively following the contest in 2002.

Even while in the U.S. and now Canada, he has maintained his Eurovision obsession so well that it even led him down the academic path! He completed his Master of Arts in Geography at York University in Toronto in 2015, where he studied the relations of diasporic communities from the former Yugoslavia in Sweden with the ESC.
His research ultimately claims that Eurovision has this paradoxical power of enforcing and naturalising national imagery while simultaneously promoting European diversity and an appreciation of exploring European differences as a factor of cultural unity.
Slaviša attended his first Eurovision in 2013 in Malmö, where he attended the academic conference and both semi-finals.
His long-term dream is to become the commentator for the Bosnian (or Canadian) broadcaster for the contest!